ACTIN Inc. utilizes the Sports Medicine/Sciences philosophy to assist individual's prevent, maintain and/or regain their optimal well being. In developed nations, our chaotic, sedentary, and improper nutritional intake lifestyle can lead to emotional, financial, functional, personal, physiological, psychological, and/or social distress. Recent health research facts:

    Health Canada Web Site (2004)

*       Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer

*       Increasing number of women are developing heart disease

*       Inactivity, poor nutrition, stress, obesity is responsible for CVD

*       1985 to 2001, obesity increased 7%-14% among women & 6%-16% among men.

*       Type II diabetes (adult onset) is one of the fastest growing diseases in Canada.

*       The annual cost of diabetes in Canada is estimated to be up to $9 billion

    Disability research reveals (Health Canada 1993)

*      An ill/injured person follows an emotional, financial, functional, personal, physiological, psychological, and social down spiral, leading to LTD.

*      Without appropriate intervention:

•  50% probability Returning To Work (RTW) after 6-month absence.

•  20% probability of RTW after 12-months absence

•  10% probability of RTW after a 24-month absence

•  Direct cost of illness = $44 billion 62.9% of health care costs in Canada

•  Indirect costs = loss of future productivity is estimated to be $129 billion; nearly 21% of the Canadian GDP

ACTIN Inc. implements Inter/Multidisciplinary Health and Wellness programs which empower organizations/unions/employess with skills to cope with:

*      Emotional, functional, physiological, and/or psychosocial distress

•  Leading to healthier and content employees,

•  Leading employee greater efficiency, productivity, and retention,

•  Leading to healthier employee and employer relations,

•  Leading to greater productivity,

•  Leading to reducing disability costs = cost savings.



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