Inter/Multidisciplinary Treatment Philosophy

Inter/multidisciplinary (holistic) philosophy involves utilizing the expertise of various medical professionals in treating a patient's illness/injury. This philosophy has been successfully utilized in treating the athletic community to attain optimal function.

ACTIN Inc. strives to provide treatment which allows an injured/ill patient to meet the demands of everyday active living.

ACTIN Inc. achieves success by educating the injured/ill individual in gaining control in the following domains:

*       Daily behavioural activity modification(s),

*       Behavioural sleep strategies/modification,

*       Biofeedback training,

*       Cognitive education,

*       Functional preparation,

*       Home and vocational ergonomic modification(s),

*       High performance/Sports sciences

*       MSK injury rehabilitation,

*       Physiological guidance,

*       Progressive muscle relaxation strategies,

*       Nutritional, and

*       Vocational assessment, exploration, preparation, mediation, and placement.

ACTIN Inc. provides treatment which allows individuals to attain skills to meet the demands of everyday active personal and professional lifestyle.



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