ACTIN Inc. Rehabilitation Team consists of professionals providing treatment, based on sports medicine/science philosophy.

ACTIN Inc. Athletic Therapists provides an all inclusive, community/home based rehabilitation services encompassing inter/multidisciplinary, education-based, individualised, goal-orientated treatment program. These programs are developed (in consultation with all treating medical professions) to meet specific needs of disabled (ill/injured) patients suffering from:

*     Acute Injury Treatment


• Catastrophic injury,

• Pre/Post surgery,

• Soft Tissue/MSK injury.


*     Chronic Injury/Illness Treatment (Also See Health)


*      • Acute injury following a motor vehicle, personal, work, or sport injury,

*      • Chronic Disability Syndrome (CDS),

*      • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/Fibromyalgia (FM),

*      • Chronic injury following motor vehicle, personal, work, or sport injury,

*      • Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS),

*      • Repetitive Strain/Soft Tissue Injury.



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